Why should you pay attention to the Chinese trucks.

Chinese trucksThe Chinese automotive industry continues to develop rapidly, and not just copy someone else’s car, with minor alterations, but create their own model, although it is not very active, but the progress invisible. It also applies to components, of which equipment is produced, they are not of such poor quality as it was at the beginning of their journey. Metal products are durable and reliable, the plastic is not of poisonous plastic, but from good one. Build quality is also changed, before it was possible to sin in the various gaps as automotive body, and in the cabin, now find such problems is difficult.

The acquisition of these trucks for quarries and transportation of various cargoes is quite profitable, because their cost is lower than in Europeans and Americans, and they work well, so fast payback and bringing profits are achieved.

Howo is one of the “veterans” of the Chinese market for the production of heavy trucks. These trucks praised for their spacious cab and a good engine.