Nissan 350Z coupe review

Everybody what’s going on right but if you would be out of touch and today we are looking at this 2003 Nissan 350Z touring. So it’s very hard to find these 350 sies with no mods on them with low miles and still in good condition this 1 is a very rare find for us. This one was actually owned by one of our Nissan technicians have been taking it really well care of. Entire life. Okay along the outside we’ve got the great copper exterior alloy wheels in the Z badge there on the front. Going on the back of the car is very clean and outside the pain looks great. Let’s go ahead now first of all. Over the car up. Open up the trunk. We do have that big hats back with that Z cross brace in the back. If you look there’s definite enough room for 2 more set of golf clubs a couple backpacks. So for everyday needs the pact Kalindi in this car it’s not perfect. Stephanie workable.

Nissan 350ZPrices go ahead now and stepped inside. So you know from we had that nice leather interior that out of the seats matched the exterior of the car. We’ve got power windows there look in the back. Due to the storage space. Let’s go ahead now. And stepped inside. So here in the front we’ve got these nice leather seats really simple set up here. Exceed the speed manual are handbrake we do have heated and electric seats here in the front. Nice halo headlights – website. That’s very nice let’s go ahead. Turn the car on now. Yeah. Alright so we do have a leather wrapped steering wheel in front. The cockpit of this car is really snug it fits me perfectly I’m a pretty tall guy method in here no problem so the space is fine. It does feel very comfortable near the seats are nice.

A bucket style seats so that does help. In a little ashtray there. The manual. We have this nice a storage compartment they’re perfect for sunglasses at drawing a phone. We do have chronic intro and my favorite part of the interior is heads up display with oil temperature of the condition of the battery as well as the miles per gallon in average miles per hour that’s a really cool set up of course we have it’s a commoner right down the middle as well as a speedometer right there ready to go. So to drive this car is phenomenal it feels great the throws a nice and short new gearbox is really nice exhaust I’d still stockings us but if you listen. It still sounds really nice. Right on the road to as for driving the handling is good the rear wheel drive does really nice. Even on Dayton slightly what out like this. It’s a really nice easy to drive the visibility is pretty good as well despite it being such a low car. The deafening a really nice sports car to have the practicalities good no rear seats but Hey that’s that’s not too big of an issue. Yeah OB doesn’t with video thanks for watching we’ll see you next time you’re at liberty out of plaza.