How to choose the car water pump

How to choose the car water pump.

Structurally the car water pump is a relatively simple product, consisting of five parts— the body with the pressed bearing, gasket, protecting the bearing from the coolant, impellers and pulley.

car water pump

The parts of the water pump:

  • body (it is the “basis” of the whole construction)
  • bearing (pressed inside the body; impeller and pulley are “piked” on it)
  • gasket (protecting the bearing from the liquid)
  • impeller (providing a supply of liquid)
  • pulley (providing a pump rotation)
  • The body of the water pump

There are two kinds commonly used in its production- cast iron and aluminum. Aluminum is a more modern material, allowing creating the complex forms of the body with the strict compliance of sizes, making it possible to install the “stretched” bearing without using a propeller, preventing the bearing from turning. The cast iron pumps are usually used in the heavy trucks that have small engine speeds, but require a long service life of the parts.