Ecological parts Valeo Green in Motion

Ecological parts ValeoProgram Green in Motion by Valeo Service company is focused on the development of non-copper brake pads, as well as hydraulic components, produced without the addition of chromium. The program is focused on cars with a classic internal combustion engine and electric vehicles. So, Valeo Service has a wide range of brake pad without copper for the BMW i3 and i8, Renault Twizy and Zoe.

Development of eco-friendly and optimized friction material has enabled the company to withdraw in 2015, 95% of its range of pads for passenger cars at the level corresponding to the rated N of standard SAE J 866. It is considered as the best rating among all USA environmental quality standards. Valeo Service has proposed a friction material comprising less than 0.5% copper still 10 years before the legislative implementation of this standard.
As a part of the Green in Motion company VALEO Service offers a full range of auto components, which correspond to the norms of the environment and ensure the safety of driving.