Car Backup Reverse LED Light Bulb 3156 Review

Hi welcome to Webster TWN is try since it would be bold in this once replacement led light bulbs for the car or motorcycle bold’s desk led light bulbs 3156 worth 3157 or 305630 for the simple. This 1 on the left this is my reverse labeled phone for the Ford Mustang 3156. In which is this one right here the one what color. To try since when I got this one is to Kuwait. So she like daily brightness. And a pack of 10 cost about $16 off Amazon.

LED Light Bulb 3156I see that comes of dimensions. It’s nearly identical. The connection part also same. What I did is. This one right here this is a try since one. And here’s the one from fort the warm white color. The woman’s license for first place looks a lot better. So much nicer as Kuwait for his vehicle at 8 ifor Mustang. Just needed to remove these 2 screws. One here one here. Axis this. I. This poor weak here. And here. This is well just twist counterclockwise. And here’s the. For both. The 3156 led fog light bulbs. Money to his for his operation place just use your fingernail or screwdriver at that little metal piece just try it little bit.

Still losing this clamp that weakens portable straight out to replace it. The new ball position now I just need to. Please attacking a socket turn it clockwise. Beautiful. Does all the pros and cons POD pulled spur for easy to stall they work great and expensive tentacles just $16. They’re easily replaced by led light bulbs 3156 would reverse lights. And yes I would recommend it. What things watching this review it as having questions comments suggestions feel free contact me. Thanks what’ll Graham stir. By.