It wasn’t too long ago that garage door openers were a luxury item. Today, they are becoming an almost essential part of the modern home. At its most basic level, a garage door opener is an automatic motor device which is used to automatically open and close garage doors. Usually, garage door openers have switches both inside the garage and on a remote control. This website is aimed at helping you choose the right garage door opener remote, brand and type for your home.

Choosing Garage Door Openers

There are a number of things to consider when looking to buy garage door openers – probably more than you think. Here’s a list of some of the most important considerations. Keep in mind that it’s essential to ensure that your garage door is safe and secure – that should be your primary goal when choosing a new door opener.

Power – The power of your garage door opener should be directly related to the size and weight of the door. If you have a two car door, then you probably only need a 0.5 horsepower opener drive engine. Consequently, you won’t need one this large if you have a single door. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer or retailer about the engine required on electric garage door openers for your door size.

Door Size – The size of your garage door will affect the power of the motor, but also whether you need to buy any sort of extension. If you have a standard 7 foot door then this is probably nothing to worry about – but larger doors will require the opener to have an extension.

Drive Type – There are three different types of drives for garage door openers. They are screw drive, belt drive and chain drive. Chain drive garage door openers are the loudest, and belt drives are the quietest. Screw drive garage openers are said to be the easiest to install.

Garage door opener remote – The simplest garage door remotes will simply open and shut the door. If you want more advanced options then you’ll need to buy a more advanced remote control. Read our guide to the different types of opener remotes here.

Security and safety – If a garage door opener doesn’t come with “rolling code” safety feature then you should probably avoid it, as this is essential for stopping burglars. Rolling code security stops potential intruders from recording the code of the garage door and then using it to gain access. It’s also important to get the door opener installed by a professional, so that you can be sure it’s safe. It is illegal in the US for a garage door opener to be installed without a quick release system in case someone gets trapped beneath the door. Make sure you are familiar with this piece of equipment before and after you buy, in case an accident occurs.

Extra Features – Garage door openers have become more and more advanced in recent years. For example, you can now buy an automatic garage door opener that has extra lights that are linked to a motion detection machine. There are also some openers which allow you to open the door via the internet in case you need to let someone in for a delivery.

There are a number of other things to think about when buying a garage door opener. Your budget, whether it can be installed by you and whether the opener comes with a battery are just a few examples. The best way to ensure that you get the right garage opener is to check with a professional before you buy, who will be able to advise you on which is best for your house.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, you need to think about which type of garage door remote you want to buy. For most people, a simple remote will do the job, but if you require something more fancy then make sure you have a look at all the options before making a decision.

Which Brand To Choose?

There are a number of popular garage door opener brands. Briefly, here are a few of the most well known.

Genie Garage Door Openers

The Genie Company was originally founded in 1923 as the Alliance Manufacturing Company. It manufactured a number of products for the military during the war. The first Genie garage door opener was produced during the 50s. Today, the company produces a range of different remote controlled garage door openers.

Craftsman Garage Door Openers

Craftsman is one of the country’s most well respected tool manufacturers, but they also manufacture garage door parts. Read more about Craftsman garage door openers.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain claims to be the largest manufacturer of door opening systems in the world and a large part of that is thanks to their garage door openers.  The company aim to produce durable, strong and safe openers for a range of different sizes. Liftmaster garage door openers are amongst the company’s most well known brands.

Stanley Garage Door Openers

Unfortunately, the Stanley Company went out of business at the end of the last century. For this reason it can be difficult to find parts manufactured by them. If you’re looking for replacement parts then there are still a number of places which have limited stock.